CDPAP Client and Personal Assistant (Aide)

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Our Caregiver Recruitment Tool gives you access to numerous Personal Assistants to help bring you the care you need. We have a listing of individuals that are looking for work. The Recruitment Tool is updated frequently and puts our Personal Assistant List right at your fingerprints.

You Get Care, Your Loved Gets Paid Instantly

With the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, you choose your own caregiver. Hire someone you already know and trust, and you can be confident in the care that you are receiving. With Venture Forthe, your caregivers are eligible for our Early Wage Access Program. If you do not have a caregiver in mind, our Recruitment Tool connects you to caregivers in your local area. 

Caregiver and Client
CDPAP Client and Aide

Looking for Work? Join The List & Start Finding Work Today

Make a difference in the lives of those that need it most. Caregiving is perfect for compassionate people at any stage of life. Whether you are in school, raising a family, just entering the workforce, or are partly retired — caregiving allows you the freedom of a flexible schedule. Venture Forthe offers a highly competitive pay, starting at $16.20 per hour and access to Instant Pay, giving you access to your pay within 24 hours after your shift. Join our Personal Assistant List and start finding work!

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